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Forget clunky software, embrace effortless booking. Our CRM and booking system simplify your workflow, letting clients schedule calls instantly. More conversions, less hassle. Experience the difference! Automate your business with seamless CRMs and an intuitive booking system designed for faster client conversions. Book a call today!
CRM Systems

We begin with cost-free CRMs that store contacts, companies, deals, and tasks. Each interaction is recorded, allowing you to promptly understand your customers’ needs and preferences.

Marketing Automation

To draw in more customers, leverage marketing tools like forms integrated with the CRM, email marketing, ad management, and list segmentation. These tools can significantly boost your business outreach.

Sales tools & forecast

Live chat, chatbots, and team email functionalities enable improved customer service for potential clients. Gain comprehensive visibility into your sales pipeline and track the origins of your sales, allowing for detailed reporting from leads to finalized deals.

HubSpot CRM

CRM – HubSpot

Customize the entire website layout, including the header, footer, and all other template parts. With FSE, we can create and edit templates for their entire website, including single posts, archive pages, and custom post types.

Bitrix CRM

CRM – Bitrix24

Block patterns are pre-designed block layouts that we can easily insert into their content. These patterns can help to save time and create visually appealing designs. Allows us to create custom themes using the block-based template.

Zoho CRM

CRM – Zoho

Global styles enable us to create and apply consistent design elements across the entire website, including typography, colors, and spacing. Providing us with more control over our website’s look and feel.

HAndle cusomer inquires

Integrate with our custom based Booking System

Our booking system is just designed for you to get relieved from other external systems. Just integrate and experience the seamless flow

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Experience the different digital

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Easy to integrate

You can now integrate seamlessly with the CRM to monitor your sales.

Customers can book fast

Now customers can book fast with our implemented solution.

Integrate communcations

Automate with every step to send communication through CRM.

Anywhere & anytime

Customers can reach you out from anywhere and anytime with our solutions.

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We charge a very less amount with our high quality products.

Designed simply

Designed with simple and more powerful way to deliver the promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a CRM important?

It’s more than just organizing contacts. When fully utilized, a CRM empowers sales reps to dedicate more time to both existing and potential customers.

What are CRM systems we configure ?

HubSpot CRM
Zoho CRM
Bitrix24 CRM

Can I receive reports and automate communications?

Yes, you can use automated CRM to download your reports from Leads to Deals, Also of course you can integrate and send your marketing communications to your customers.

Paying high for other services to book a call?

Request a demo today with our booking systems, “LEMOUS” just simple and payless to ensure you and the customer are connected in real time.

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